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It doesn't have to be the end of the world or the end of a relationship for someone to give notice. The author offers advice for how to respond in a professional and constructive way when someone says they are quitting. Take a moment to digest the news. It's okay to say something if you're surprised or not. Depersonalize the news by notice and manage any in-the-moment reactions. It is important to show your support and genuine interest in why they are leaving and what they are going to do next. Make sure to get alignment on what you need from them before they leave to ensure a smooth transition. It could include finishing a specific project or set of tasks, training others to take over these responsibilities to minimize disruption, or even hiring a replacement. All parties can move forward in a positive way if they use these strategies.

It's possible that someone on your team could leave in the near term, with over four million people quitting their jobs each month during the first quarter of 2022. It might not be the person you thought it would be. It could come as a total surprise to you and be a key contributor on your team, someone with whom you really enjoy working and who has great potential in your organization. How do you respond when someone gives you notice?