Reports say that Russia has lost one of its best snipers in the war in Ukraine.

The military commissariat of the region told the Russian outlet that Junior Sergeant Sergei Tsarkov died during a special operation in Ukraine.

The commander of the rifle squad of the 1st rifle platoon was born in the town Borzya, and he was a native of eastern Russia.

He was the best shooter in the brigade. Everyone respected him, he was a professional and had authority. No one could believe that this could happen to him.

The department said that he won international army games in the competition.

His funeral took place on April 10, but his death was reported by Russian media on May 18. A man is weeping beside a casket draped in the Russian flag in an image that appears to show a full military funeral. He was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.

military catastrophes for putin

—Jon Cooper (@joncoopertweets) May 18, 2022

Russian military mythology has a part in the sniper. During the Second World War, several were idolized as the ultimate Soviet fighter. The most famous was Vasily Zaitsev, who killed over 200 enemy soldiers during the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942. In 2001, Jude Law played Zaitsev in Enemy at the Gates.

Reports about Russia losing scores of its top commanders during the war in Ukraine came after the news of the death of Tsarkov. The flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, the Moskva, was sunk.

According to the Evening Standard, Britain's armed forces minister said on Wednesday that Russia has lost more than 20,000 military personnel during the war.

The scale of its losses has not been acknowledged by the Kremlin.

Russia is accused of trying to cover up its true death toll by refusing to take back the corpses of thousands of soldiers.