A YouTuber bought the most expensive plane ticket he could find and filmed his experience to show whether it was worth the price
Beem standing in the bathroom on the flight.
Beem standing in the bathroom on the flight.Provided by Matthew Beam to Insider.
  • Matthew Beam is a 25-year-old YouTuber who is known for making large objects out of home materials.

  • Beem filmed the experience of buying the most expensive plane ticket he could.

  • He told Insider that he isn't used to spending so much money on travel and living.

Matthew Beem said he bought the most expensive plane ticket he could find and used it to show his audience what it was really like.

The resulting video, posted on May 4 and titled "I bought the most expensive airplane ticket!", now has 2.1 million views.

Beem told Insider that he has never experienced anything like that in his entire life. Normally when traveling, I look for the cheapest option.

Beem included clips of himself in the video, as well as footage of his sister, Cheyanne, who was also on the flight, but in economy class. Cheyanne filmed her smaller screen and chicken and veggies while they served her during the flight, in contrast to the large TV and gourmet meal Beem was given.

Beem's meal.
Beem's meal.Matthew Beem via YouTube.
Cheyanne's meal.
Cheyanne's meal.Matthew Beem via YouTube.

Beem told Insider that he decided to include his sister in the video because it was fun to see different perspectives and stories in one video to compare the type of food and overall experience.

He thinks it is a great way to show the viewers what is different and what is not.

Beem showed a large seat that could be pulled out to make a bed in the video, which he slept on. He said he was given a set of pajamas, a bag with an eye mask, and a bottle ofpillow mist.

The seat being folded down into a bed.Matthew Beem via YouTube.

He said in the video that he didn't know what pillow mist was and that the doors next to the seat could be opened or closed with the press of a button.

Beem told Insider that the experience was different from what he had experienced on other flights.

Beem filmed himself showering in the video.Matthew Beem via YouTube.

He said that the ticket was worth the high price. It would be hard for me to think about spending that amount.

Beem told Insider that his ticket was worth up to $21,000, but according to a receipt, he only paid $15,000. Beem said he chose the cheaper offer because it did not include insurance or flexibility around travel dates. The airline told Insider that they did not sponsor Beem's airfare.

There is a disagreement on travel websites about what the most expensive plane ticket costs due to changing airline rates and prices. According to The Sun, the most expensive plane seat in the world is rumored to cost up to $64,000, and it was filmed by a 12 million subscriber YouTuber.

It is difficult to say what the most expensive plane ticket is because it depends on many factors, including origin, destination, demand, and timing, according to a spokesman for Emirates. A representative for Beem told Insider that the ticket he bought was the most expensive one available at the time.

Beem has racked up 1.6 million subscribers on the video sharing site, rising to fame in the past year after he started building large elaborate projects out of simple materials for videos, such as a Batmobile out of cardboard and Spongebob Squarepants statues. In the last six months, most of his videos have more than a million views.

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