Romain Saiss is out of contract in the summer and he admits that after six years as a Wolves player his time at the club could soon be coming to an end.

Saiss tells Sky Sports if his future has been decided. Does that mean he's staying? He suggests that the opposite is more likely to be true since he has been offered a new deal.

If everything is not done before the end of the season, it's time to go because I want to be fixed for next season. I need to start the season at the right time. I need to know what's going to happen with me.

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Saiss will be a loss to Wolves. Since joining the club from French club Angers in the summer of 2016 the Morocco international has made more than 200 appearances for the club, which is among the most by any player outside the British Isles.

He was a key member of the Wolves team that won promotion to the top flight in the summer of 2018, playing 42 games in all, and has since become one of the best centre-backs in the country.

He was out of favour in his first season at the club and it is remarkable. The project took shape after he returned to France.

It was not good at first, but I think it was because the owners had just bought the club in the summer, so it was hard for them to do what they wanted to do in terms of bringing the right players, the right coach, all these things. It took some time.

Nuno Espirito Santo was appointed as the club's new boss in the summer of 2017.

After the club made the good choice with Nuno, they brought in the right players to help the club and since that second season we started building something together with the players and the staff.

There is a long list of memories.

The promotion that started it all was his partnership with Ruben Neves. Saiss didn't complain when Joao Moutinho moved him to the other side of the ball in the premier league. He thinks he is the best that he has played with.

Saiss thinks of a player like Joao who has many, many caps for one of the best teams in Europe. We still have plenty of talent in this team and Diogo is doing well for us.

A change of position was caused by the arrival of Moutinho. His role in the team has been overlooked ever since he rechristened himself as a defender. Saiss has only been left on the bench twice by Bruno Lage.

Wolves defender Romain Saiss' stats for the Premier League season show he has made more forward passes than any other player

Saiss is shown a stat by Sky Sports that shows he has played more forward passes than any other defender in the league this season.

I think it's the fact that I was amidfielder. Sometimes I take some risks because finding the right pass can be difficult, but if it finds my teammate it can cause trouble.

I keep going for this pass even if I make a mistake, because I want to be better and find the right decision. It is easy to play safe but I like to break lines to help the team in the build-up. I have had to develop myself because I didn't start in this position.

If you are still playing for this kind of club year after year with good players, you have some qualities as a minimum. I am getting better. I think I am not the same player I was six years ago.

Wolves defender Romain Saiss' stats for the Premier League season

His status as the captain of Morocco shows that he has grown. He received a call from King Mohammed VI after securing a World Cup qualification.

If Wolves can win at least two of their last three matches, they will still be in European qualification. It will not be easy because it includes games against Manchester City.

Saiss says that they can decide the title because they play City andLiverpool.

We have burned a lot of our cards in the past, but we still have three games to go. We have to fight until the end. We are having a great season. There have been difficulties. Come back to our basics.

Europe is the next step. I don't know if I will be here or not, but the next step is to fight for Europe every year, because the players want to compete for the best, and that means European football every year.

You have a great stadium with great fans. The environment for the players is good. Everyone knows what team Wolves are now that the club is stable. It is up to the club to keep improving.

He told supporters that whatever happens next, he has enjoyed the ride, and his humble assessment of his own abilities will earn him more admirers.

I never thought I would stay for six years but I am really happy to have been a part of this project since the first day I joined the club. I've met many great people. I have never had a dressing room like this before.

It is going to stay in my mind for the rest of my life because I achieved one of my dreams by playing in the premier league with this club. I came here because of that. To help the club get into the premier league. To make sure the club is stable in the league.

If I have to leave, I just want to say thank you for the support. Maybe I am not the best player they have seen. I always gave my best for the club. I gave everything. They can keep something in their mind.

I will be a wolf forever.