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Looking for a free web hosting company? Confused which one to use because the internet is flooded with a plethora of web hosting service providers claiming free features that seem doubtful? Need an expert opinion on which free service you should subscribe to? Then you are at the right place and just a few clicks away from taking the right decision. Whether you are an entrepreneur venturing into your startup with zero budgets or a casual blogger seeking web presence or you are a business establishment with millions of customers, here is an honest & comprehensive analysis, review and comparison of the world’s most trusted free webhosting company www.000webhost.com that caters to every need that you may have. 000webhost is a brand in itself which is proven by more than 16,289,847 members already availing the benefits free of cost.

Free web hosting service provider

  • Cost Effectiveness – When 000webhost.com claims “FREE” web hosting, it is for real. You need not enter your credit card details, and you can instantly activate your account with a few simple clicks on the website. Furthermore, there are no hidden terms and conditions, and all the features that you get are explicitly mentioned on the home page of their website.
  • Truly Advertisement Free @ Zero Cost – A lot of other free webhosting companies compel you to buy their premium pack to get rid of the ads completely. Otherwise, your website is flooded with advertisements making it harder for your customers to reach the information they are searching for and within no time they exit your website. In the end, your business is lost as you lose potential buyers. 000webhost is perhaps the only website which is TRULY ad free with NO hidden terms and conditions.
  • Security – There are some free web hosting services which use a shared server, and your data is exposed to threat or piracy. 000webhost provides you the services through its servers. This means that all of your data is completely secured with them and cannot be accessed by any foreign entity.
  • Creditworthiness – In recent times there have been instances wherein other so-called free web hosting companies shut down abruptly after operating for a few months without warning users or allowing them to retrieve their data beforehand. This was particularly the case with ServerAxis. However, 000webhost will never disappear into thin air, unlike its counterparts. The huge popularity and the volume of subscribers speak volumes of the faith instilled upon 000webshost by the online community.
  • Server Uptime – It is no secret that every second your website becomes unavailable, you lose a customer. The online market is very different wherein you may have from 10 to 10000 customers accessing your store simultaneously. This requires a solid server uptime that will make your website stay a live day in and day out without any compromise. Other free web hosting companies either make false claims or provide a server uptime that may hamper your business. 000webhosting has officially witnessed a server uptime of 99.5% with a peak at 99.9% and guarantees the same to you without any hesitation. This has not been possible in case of WordPress, Blogger, Firstclasshost, etc. which often fail to touch 99% uptime.
  • Unique Features – Not all the free web host companies offer the same set of features for free. When it comes to 000webhost, it has emerged as pioneers in offering tools free of cost which otherwise are charged by different companies.
  1. Do you want to build a website without coding? Free Website Builder helps even the most amateur of the customers to realize the potential benefits of building a website and comes with a very simple UI and offers all the desirable features.
  2. Want automatic installation? Installing your website automatically is powered by the tool Automatic Installer which can help you to improve your website by adding customized Forums, FAQs, Galleries, etc. Furthermore, more than 50 popular scripts are supported such as WordPress, Drupal, OS Commerce, Photo Gallery, etc.
  3. Yearning to learn more about website hosting in depth? This website is all encompassing because of 000webhost Blog where millions of topics are discussed by professionals, learners, developers, students, etc. and could serve as a big help for those hungry to explore webhosting and allied services in depth.

10 GB Bandwidth & 1000 MB Disk Space – 000webhost is also unbeatable when it comes to providing unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The speed of response of the website directly depends on the bandwidth. Similarly, a larger disk space makes it easier to accommodate websites with big datasets.

Unlimited Programming Language Support – With advancement in computer science, various new languages have been created to make the codes more efficient and easier to interpret or to add more functionality. Zymic and Byet are other popular webhosting platforms, but these do not fully support Curl, GD2, Zend, etc. However, you can utilize PHP, MySQL, Curl, Zend, GD2, XML, fopen(), PHP sockets, loncube Loader, .htaccess, etc. supported completely by 000webhost free webhosting proving to be more advantageous.

Do You Want Ranking To Supplement The Above Comparison & Reviews?

Tabulated below is compiled information relating to the ranks given to 000webhost by different organizations. This company is an undisputed leader in the online community and has consistently retained the top position globally.

  1. www.techradar.com: Excellent features, reliability, and affordability.
  2. www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net: Unbeatable uptime guarantee offered.
  3. www.howtostartablogonline.net: Reliability and capability to support small and medium sized projects.
  4. www.updatedreview.in: Free SEO tools and world class free hosting plan.
  5. www.blogging.org: Truly zero fee, zero ads, and zero restrictive terms.
  6. www.blog.twhs.com: Unlimited domain support and email account features.

Various independent forums as well openly recommend 000webhost owing to its customer-centric approach. The above stated facts and reviews should suffice to convince yourself that you are making the right choice. Go ahead and start web hosting by registering free on 000webhost.com now!