You can rent an entire island for $595 a night on Airbnb-here’s what it’s like to stay there


What’s better than a tropical getaway? A vacation on your own private island, of course.

But if you’re not Richard Branson or Johnny Depp, buying your own piece of land probably isn’t a realistic goal. Luckily, you can now rent an entire island through Airbnb. And the best part is, it’s only $595 a night.

Bird Island is located just off the coast of Placencia Village in Belize. “It is a perfect setting for either a romantic get-away for a couple, a family gathering/reunion or for a small group of friends,” the owner, Fred, writes on Airbnb.

The island can host up to six guests, but no matter how many in your party, it’s always private. “The central theme of Bird Island is a self-catering, Robinson Crusoe type of adventure, yet with all the comforts, where one could get to do their own thing in total privacy,” the listing says. Transportation to and from Belize is included in the price.

Located on an atoll, Bird Island is surrounded by clear blue water, hard sand flats and coral. Below, take a look at what it’s like to stay there.