WordPress – The Tips, Tricks, Troubleshooting Guide And More!


Have you, used the world’s most powerful website builder yet? Or did you just spot an error message while trying to open your website? Are you having troubles with opening your blog? Or you don’t know how to fix all the errors? WordPress is a website building tool mainly used by bloggers to create attractive blogs, but it is widely used by amateurs and professionals to create websites as well. However, just like any other website creation platform more often than not there are many errors encountered while opening the website or blog. Here is a comprehensive summary of WordPress features for amateurs and professionals alike!

• WordPress has perhaps the most diverse range of themes for your blog or website, and it would not be an overstatement to claim that there is something for literally everyone.

• You need not operate multiple websites to showcase your content rather you get responsive themes to which many hyperlinks, widgets, tabs, toolbars, etc. can be added with ease.

• It is no secret that social media is highly essential to growing your blog or website viewership for which you need social media sharing features. WordPress lets you do just that, and you can share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

• It also includes multiple page styles that let you incorporate the specific theme to a particular page and add more information such a location, contact, reviews or testimonials, blogs, etc.

• You also get access to auto-upgrade and support features to maintain your website or blog regularly.

• Many users love the unique feature of being able to add plugins or widgets to their page wherever desired. These widgets are available plenty in number to each theme such that you can enhance the visuals of your website and ease of use.

• The WordPress 3.4 version and later provide you the freedom of theme customization. This essentially means that you can edit every tiny detail of your themes such as font, style, color, etc. to make your page stand out from the standard themes used by other bloggers and developers.

• Building just a website is one thing and increasing its visibility to your customers is another. Your viewership is significantly affected if the search engines do not show it among the top three results. WordPress has it’s very own built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) feature which can give you insights into improving your website and make it reach the top of search results on the internet.

• In today’s world, the quality of the display is fast changing, and most of the people have retina-display or HD screen devices. WordPress does not let you down, and many of its themes feature HD and retina display visuals to give your customers a rich experience.

• Moreover, WordPress takes into account PHP, HTML, CSS, privacy and security protocols to give you a quality website.

WordPress Errors And Troubleshooting

Just like any other website builder WordPress too is not perfect and users encounter multiple errors and become clueless on how to fix them. 000webhost Blog is the best place to find the answers to all the errors. Nevertheless, here is a comprehensive guide to commonly encountered errors in WordPress and how to troubleshoot them:

1. White Screen Of Death

The white screen of death refers to the condition when your website goes blank, and you are not able to see anything. This is a terrible moment for beginners as they do not know exactly what to do because there are no warning signs or hints given for the cause of such an error. This error typically arises when the themes are poorly coded, plugins used are incompatible, or you have exhausted your memory limit.

The best solution to this error is provided by 000webhost.com on their blog. Just click on their website which explains six easy ways in which you can fix the error and explains in detail the possible causes of such an error.

2. Internal Server Error

You could either face a 500 internal server error or a 404 internal server error while running your website or blog. The most common cause of such an error could cause permalink settings in WordPress. In order to fix it, you need to reconfigure permalink settings manually. However, there exist more complex reasons behind such errors like corrupt theme function, corrupt plugin function or even a corrupt .htaccess file. Just click 000webhost.com to study the issue in detail and troubleshoot the error.

3. Error In Establishing Database Connection

This type of error is usually shown when there is something wrong with your website’s database. It can also arise when beginners enter wrong database credentials such as host, username, and password. It may also happen when your database is corrupt, or the server is unavailable. However, worry not and click 000webhost.com to know more about it and get troubleshooting steps!

4. Briefly Unavailable For Scheduled Maintenance Error

This errors usually occurs when an update is interrupted or unfinished. In such cases, WordPress puts your website in maintenance mode, and it becomes inaccessible for both the users and admin. However, it is important to note that this condition is not an error but a warning page and is part of the website up gradation for seamless services. For better understanding, click on 000webhost.com and learn more about it!

5. The Page Cannot Redirect Through Properly Error

As shown in the pic above, this error is often related to mis-configured redirection matter. WordPress uses an SEO URL structure. Various plugins that you use on your website also make use of these redirection functions. Consequently, due to the mis-configuration in any of these redirection tools your screen displays this particular error. This issue is most commonly encountered when the user has the wrong URL in the Site Address or WordPress Address settings. In such cases, you should click on settings panel and ensure correct URL is mentioned everywhere.