Wonders shall never end! Woman whose husband beats her for not bearing male child seeks divorce

A full housewife identified as Sayo Akomolafe has decided to seek help in dissolving her marriage. On Monday, the married woman told Ikole-Ekiti Customary Court in Ekiti State that her husband beats her regularly for not having a male child.

She urged the court to dissolve her marriage to her husband, Segun Akomolafe, for some reasons like neglect, incessant beatings and lack of care.

According to the information gathered by News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the couple’s trouble started when Segun Akomalafe got to know she was expecting a baby girl for the fifth time. Apparently, being the father of four girls did not appeal to the husband who decided to turn her to a punching bag without giving any consideration to her pregnant state.

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The plaintiff admitted that her husband was not like that before. He only started beating her when it dawned on him that she may never have a male child for him. A baby boy would have made him a different man if she was pregnant with one.

I gave birth to my first child 13 years ago, but my husband started neglecting me and the children when I gave birth to the fifth girl-child.

“As a result, he married two other women and ever since they arrived, I have no peace again in the house, ” she stated.

According to her, the two wives also gave birth to female children. Mrs Sayo Akomolafe added that she was able to give birth to a sixth child which turned out to be a boy.

Her husband, the defendant, a welder; denied constantly beating her, saying that trouble started when his wife discovered that he married other women.

The three-member panel of the court headed by Mrs Yemisi Ojo, however, told the husband that the chromosome released by man is what determines the gender of a child.

Ojo also ruled that the aggrieved parties and their families should go back home to deliberate on how to take care of the six children.

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“The court is disposed to settlement outside court and this case being a fresh matter, parties are given the opportunity to deliberate on how take care of the children,” she said.

The court ordered that the defendant must not beat his wife again and adjourned the case till May 8, for report of settlement.

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