Why You Should Be Getting Your Beauty Advice From Strippers – Not Celebrities


“Baby oil gel looks oily when you put it on, but it dries into your skin and isn’t greasy. I get myself ready while it’s soaking into my skin. When I go upstairs, it doesn’t look like regular oil. If you put it on at night and sleep with it on, your skin is so amazing and soft in the morning.” – Spice, dancer at Magic City in Atlanta, GA

Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel, $4.29, available at Walgreens.

“Wash your face, put on your moisturizer, then spray your face with setting spray a couple times before doing your makeup. Then do your makeup, and spray your face again after you finish – it’ll last all night. I have really oily skin, and after dancing all night, my face is still on. I didn’t do it one night and my makeup was sweating off.” – London, dancer at Magic City in Atlanta, GA

“I’m not sure a stripper worth her eight-hour shift could live without Urban Decay’s Setting Spray.” – Jacq the Stripper, author, comedian, and dancer

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, $32, available at Sephora.

“My number one beauty secret learned in the club has to be using Preparation H under the eyes to help with bags. I swear to the Hustle Goddess, it fucking works wonders – that is if you can get past the embarrassment of purchasing it. Bonus: If you keep it in the fridge, the cold soothes as well.” – Valerie Stunning, dancer in Las Vegas

Preparation H Hemorrhoidal Cream, $8.49, available at Walgreens.

“Applying lip gloss is performance art, so do it as frequently and over-indulgently as you like.” – Jacq the Stripper

MAC Cosmetics Dazzleglass Lip Gloss in Baby Sparks, $17, available at MAC Cosmetics.

“I learned how to blend my eyebrows the correct way using a Q-tip. When you’re done drawing your eyebrows on with a pencil, run a Q-tip across your brows and blend them out with it.” – Paradise, dancer at Magic City in Atlanta, GA

Q-tips Cotton Swabs, $2.79, available at Walgreens.

“There’s nothing fun about breaking in new stripper shoes. I always have blisters on my pinky toes and where the plastic rubs across the sides, so I’ve tried every Band-Aid out there. These ones won’t come off mid-shift, which is the ultimate test.” – Crystal K, dancer in Las Vegas

Compeed Blister Cushions, $7.99, available at Walgreens.

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