Why married men eye young girls and promise us Dubai – Beautiful Nigerian lady reveals secrets (photo)

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to advise married women on why their husbands cheat on them with young ladies like her.

The beautiful lady identified as Anulika Nahnah Obiefuna who is a popular slay queen on Facebook shared her views on her page.

According to her, the reason why men cheat on their wives is because their women stop making efforts to look beautiful once they get married.

She said: “The reason why men cheat is simple. Once he gets married to you, then you stop ‘slaying’ You turn to a sack of beans and start using ugly wrappers to cover your commodities. And start screwing with ‘mommy and daddy’ style, what happened to all those things he saw when he met you that made him wife you? Wear underwear occasionally around the house.”

Obiefuna noted that women also stop doing the things they did to entice their husbands before they got married.

She further advised women to continue to try and please their husbands even after they are married. The lady noted that men approach young ladies like because their wives stop pleasing them.

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The slay queen added: “It’s you and he till both of you get old. All these women should stop turning to Mary once he puts a ring on it. That’s how your husbands keep eyeballing fine girls like us and promising us trips to Dubai.”

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Meanwhile, NAIJ.com TV went to the street to ask people who cheats more between a man and woman. Watch their replies below:

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