What You Need To Know About Amber Tamblyn’s Accusations Against James Woods

In case you missed it, earlier this week actor James Woods tweeted his apparent disapproval of the age gap between two young men in the upcoming movie, Call Me By Your Name.
Charmed star Holly Marie Combs even weighed in.
Woods responded to the accusation, defending his stance on Call Me By Your Name and declaring Tamblyn’s claim a lie.
And on Wednesday morning, Teen Vogue published an open letter to Woods, written by Tamblyn. “Since you’ve now called me a liar, I will now call you a silencer,” Tamblyn wrote. “I see your gaslight and now will raise you a scorched earth.”

Tamblyn told her full side of the story, recalling a scene at Mel’s Diner in Los Angeles wherein Woods and a friend of his allegedly started a conversation with her and Billy. She said the men “suggested [we] all go to Las Vegas together.”

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My friend Billy and I were at the Roxy on Sunset Boulevard seeing a band we loved. We decided to go to Mel’s diner on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood to get burgers after. I had just gotten my driver’s license and very specifically remember my nervousness trying to park in the diner parking lot. Upon leaving the restaurant we were stopped by you and your friend, who both seemed very nice. At one point you suggested we should all go to Las Vegas together. “It’s such a great place, have you ever been?” You tried to make it sound innocent. This is something predatory men like to do, I’ve noticed. Make it sound innocent. Just a dollop of insinuation. Just a hair of persuasion. Just a pinch of suggestion. “It will be so much fun, I promise you. Nothing has to happen, we will just have a good time together.” I told you my age, kindly and with no judgment or aggression. I told you my age because I thought you would be immediately horrified and take back your offer. You laughed and said, “Even better. We’ll have so much fun, I promise.”

Here’s the thing, Mr. Woods. At that time I was not a public persona. I had done a couple years on a soap opera as an actress, but you wouldn’t know me from Adam. I’m sure you’ve racked your brain trying to remember how you could’ve possibly hit on the actress Amber Tamblyn at a diner almost two decades ago. You think, it’s not possible, there’s no way I would’ve been so stupid as to hit on a 16-year-old known actress. But I wasn’t known then, James. I was just a girl. And I’m going to wager that there have been many girls who were just girls or women who were just women who you’ve done this to because you can get away with it.

“The saddest part of this story doesn’t even concern me but concerns the universal woman’s story,” Tamblyn wrote in her open letter. “The nation’s harmful narrative of disbelieving women first, above all else.”
BuzzFeed News has reached out to Tamblyn and Woods for further comments.

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