Veterans Are Pissed At Trump For Not Knowing How To Spell Marine Corps


On the same day President Donald Trump proposed that the United States develop a ” Space Force ” to fight wars in space, he also paid tribute to the men and women in uniform here on Earth.

Except his since-deleted tweet on Tuesday didn’t refer to the Marine Corps, but the Marine “Core,” a mistake many said the commander-in-chief should never make. Veterans, in particular, took offense:

I served for more than 20 years in the Marine Corps. I know that he doesn’t read, but the fact that our Commander-in-Chief doesn’t know the difference between a Corps and a “Core” is more than a spelling error. Wrap yourself in the flag all you like – actual veterans have had it.

– Matt Morgan (@MorganForMI) March 14, 2018

The fact that Trump doesn’t even know that it’s the MARINE CORPS and not the MARINE CORE show exactly why he shouldn’t be the Commander in Chief.

– Jacob Gil (@jacob4kids) March 14, 2018

Someone had to explain to Cadet Bone Spurs the difference between the Marine Corps & the “Marine Core”.
Take it from a veteran, our military deserves better than a lying, malignant narcissist for a commander in chief.

– She persisted (@CaseyHinds) March 14, 2018

The Marine Core is known for their “esprit de core,” when greeting each other “Semper Fly!”#DumpTrump#Veterans#USMC#Navy#GoArmy!

– George Cook (@tuckercook) March 14, 2018