UBORO – Best Employee Monitoring & Tracking Software


    Today a GPS tracking system is one of the most perspective directions in the sphere of development of transport systems. It relates to such spheres of activity as production, raw material delivery, manufacturing, services and even leisure.

    You can find a great quantity of GPS tracking software on the market. But we want to recommend you https://uboro.io company, which monitors machines for various companies and industries. On its website you can find a detailed information about their tracking software. The main UBORO’s task is to provide its customers with the ability to have current data about their vehicles in real time from any place of the Earth. It can be done in your account on the web page or via an application installed on the PC/laptop program.
    Why do you need a GPS tracking system?

    The main purpose of such system is to simplify control, traffic and rationalize the use of transport, through information received in real time. It allows you to monitor different parameters so that you own not just some data, but useful for further planning information.

    Such a system carries out continuous GPS observation, allowing the fleet owner to remove from the agenda the following questions:

    ● Tracking movements and delivery of goods;

    ● Know the approximate time of the arrival of the car at the destination;

    ● See the speed of the vehicle;

    ● To control parking, fuel consumption, quality of processing of sown areas and many other parameters.

    If the car is stolen, a GPS tracking will help to find it again. Because this equipment installed in such way, that criminals can’t even suspect about it. And at this time the sensor will diligently transmit information about the location of the machine.

    It is easy to use a GPS tracking system. You need indicators displayed on the computer monitor. You will see the numbers, charts and graphs, which can be placed at any convenient for your perception.

    UBOROHow does it work?

    GPS control of vehicles is a complex of 31 satellites orbiting the earth. This amount is sufficient to enable you to get the facts about any car online. Another advantage is that the GPS signal is independent from any weather conditions. The sensor determines the location of the signal with the accuracy about 5-20 meters.

    Each of the 31 satellites makes a complete turnover around the Earth in 12 hours, passing along the way a continuous information signal. The orbit of the satellites allows them to collect data from the sensors, wherever they may be. It provides total control over the movement of transport.

    Principles of operation of sensors are simple. They send a signal to a satellite that sends it to the cloud software, which makes required calculations. Then they are displayed on the monitor of your computer.