Two Sides To Every Story: Looking And Living


Look Live Cam : The Viewer Experience

Sometimes life gets a little dull, and at times like that, you find yourself looking for an escape. Maybe it’s been a bad few days at work. Difficult roommates make staying home a pain, but your friends can be pretty busy people, and sometimes, you’re just not really feeling the bar scene anyway. Maybe that night is tonight. A night when you’re caught up on your shows, webcomics and the like. It’s another boring night.

You’ve camped YouTube on nights like these, but that gets old. There are only so many cat videos and parodies you can watch before it’s all just the same. You want something fresh, something new. Something REAL.

You’re sick of hearing about all these awesome times from your friends on Facebook, and twitter, Instagram. They talk about how they went there and did that, but what do they have to show for it? A few pictures of all the tourist traps? That doesn’t really capture the essence of a locale.

At the heart of it all, you love a good time; you just don’t always go out and make it happen. But what if you knew of people who could? Not just could, but did? Living large and in charge. Yeah. You want some of that. In fact, you don’t even need to know them.

Now, imagine this: whenever you have a spare moment, you just think of what you’d like to see. Like magic, there’s someone out there living that adventure, and you’re along for the ride. Virtual travel across the street, down the road, around the world, at your fingertips. It’s never more than you can handle either – a little pocket of extreme action to pump your adrenaline, or a few precious moments of great music or incredible scenery to warm your heart or take your breath away.

It’s the next best thing to being there, honestly: being able to jump from Germany to Malibu, to go sky diving in Sri Lanka, and then snorkeling in Oahu — brief snippets of a life a world away, but you get to taste them all — as many as you can handle, whenever and wherever they might fit. You know it’s fresh, too, just the way that you order it. Now, you might ask for something special, or just say ‘hit me!’ Either way, the party’s started. Don’t you want in?

See the world around your world — the one hiding between the cracks of your day to day, all natural and just waiting to be discovered. Ask anyone to be your webcam, and explore in ways you could only have imagined before. Live vicariously. Way vicariously.

Streamer Experience: Whose Live Cam Will You Be?

You have awesome adventures. Machu Picchu? Been there, done that. And Rome? When you were in Rome, you did the Roman things. All of them. Lately though, you’ve been thinking that maybe all the cool stuff that goes down in Vegas… doesn’t necessarily need to stay in Vegas. You’ve had a taste or two of the high life. Why not spread that love around?

You’d never really been the type to shy away from action and excitement. When your friends fold, you’re the one doubling down. When it’s time to call it a night, you’re just getting started. Adventure’s in your blood, and you want to share that with everyone.

You’re a pioneer, a trendsetter. When a local band is laying out a set, you’re there in the front row, jamming right along with them. If there’s a good time to be had, you’re having it, and you don’t mind passing it along. Why not connect through an awesome tale, real-time?

You can live life and love every moment — share what you want, when you want with whoever wants to see — but there’s no pressure. Just you, your compadres, and whatever good time you’re having, with no personal details exchanged. Having awesome adventures and sharing them is definitely rad, but doing it anonymously? It’s like you’re a robin hood of fun times!

The best part is that it’s not scripted. Not by a long shot. It’s all improv, at the behest of your loyal fans, but it’s you and your style too. You do you, as you often do, and people check it out. You don’t have to jump through hoops or plan out something epic (though sometimes you might, if that’s your style) You just go through your day, smooth as ice- and let the fans follow if they will. No muss. No fuss. Just high times.

Show the world who and where you are; tell awesome stories without saying a word (unless you really want to). Inspire fellow adventurers near and far with your exploits and never stop looking for the next big wave- but if you’re going to ride it, why not bring a friend along?

We’re all going to Hawaii now. Where would you like to go next?