Twitterati have hilarious responses to British PM Theresa May’s weird facial expression while meeting school children


Would you like going back to school now? Well, most adults might feel a little nostalgic, and a few may enjoy getting away from all the workload. But the idea of homework might still upset many. But what exactly forced British Prime Minister Theresa May to twitch her face in disgust or put her off is hard to tell, when she visited children at a school.

The British PM was at Captain Shaw’s primary school in Bootle, Cumbria, while she was visiting Copeland, where a by-election is taking place. The PM spent some time interacting with school kids and the pictures were shared online. However, what caught the attention of the netizens were her peculiar expression. The pictures show the children showing her toys. But it seems the PM was not pleased.

As soon as the pictures were shared online, people could not ‘unsee’ it. Within a few hours, it turned into a viral meme with hundreds captioning it and a few even attempted a photoshop battle.

Well, political leaders around the world often visit schools and colleges and interact with students, and we have mostly come across funny and hilarious pictures. Be it former POTUS Barack Obama or Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, or our very own PM Modi who have been photographed many times pulling ears and nose of children, presenting the world with happy moments. But certainly, nothing has been as entertaining as the expressions of May.

Check out few reactions here.

The only thing with the current government that I can relate to, is Theresa May’s face when she’s around children

– shut up Mike (@Fingha) February 16, 2017

Children: “I’m looking forward to working as an engineer in any of the 28 EU countries”
“Me too”
Theresa May…

– Andrew Phillips (@atmphillips) February 16, 2017

Theresa May: “Ugh. If there’s one thing I hate more than the working classes its their children..”#tories #CopelandByElection #TheresaMay

– Strawberry_Jam (@Mefusen_Jam) February 16, 2017

“Dear god, what IS that.”

– Lammie Oostenbrink (@Iittlelamb) February 15, 2017

me when a child shows me something (📷 @gettyimages)

– Esther Webber (@estwebber) February 15, 2017

@MJPockle @aljwhite @teletextpage152 Dammit, you got to the joke first.

– Chris Capel (@ChrisJCapel) February 15, 2017