This TV Station Accidentally Said The Olympics Were At P.F. Chang’s And Now Everyone Wants Lettuce Wraps


As you’re probably aware, the Winter Olympic Games are currently taking place in South Korea and it is very exciting because of unity and competition and sports and all that.

For 17 days, athletes from across the world are competing in Pyeongchang county, a cold, rugged, mountainous region about 100 miles outside of Seoul and rather close to the border with North Korea.

Pyeongchang is also a rather long word that starts with a “P” and contains “chang,” which, to many Americans, immediately brings to mind…

Yep. You read that right. P.F. Chang 2018. (Just ignore the whole ring situation for now. Not really sure what’s happening there).

On Saturday, Chicago’s ABC affiliate accidentally flashed the graphic while discussing the politics behind the Olympic games, the Chicago Tribune reported.

A spokesperson for the station told the Tribune that the mistake was actually the result of a graphics mix-up. The P.F. Chang 2018 (with four Olympic rings instead of five) was created for a “satirical piece” in which viewers invented their own Olympic activities. Instead, it ended up on the news.

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