This ‘Game of Thrones’ theory suggests that the direwolf names will predict the fate of the dragons


Since the last GoT season came to a close, one of the hot topics of discussion is Danaerys and dragons, and how the creatures will come into play in the remaining and final season (particularly now that one of them is playing for the other team). One Redditor recently posted a theory which supposes that Dany’s dragons have more in common with the Stark direwolves than we originally thought – a theory which may very well predict the dragons’ futures.

Redditor mybustersword recently posted in r/FanTheories about the possibility of names and symbolism coming full circle for both the Starks and Targaryens, specifically in regards to their chosen animal companions. The Redditor describes how the name of each direwolf pup (ostensibly) predicted the fate of each Stark sibling:

The Starks each had a direwolf that represented their personality and future to come. Lady represented Sansa and her future as the Lady of Winterfell.Nymeria, named after a fierce female warrior queen, shows Arya’s future as a strong fighter and her potential for leadership.Ghost, the runt of the litter, represents … not being part of the family like the others, and that Jon dies and becomes “a ghost.”Likewise, Summer represents the coming of summer, (which may) symbolize Bran saving the day, or dying because winter comes. Summer also sacrifices himself to save Bran which might mean Bran also sacrifices himself.Grey Wind was the most loyal and obedient just as Robb was the most loyal and obedient to the family, and was the first to act. The two were inseparable and excellent fighters. Robb was said to turn into a wolf because of Grey Wind. Murdered by arrows the both of them, (and) heads sewn on another (in death). They spent so much time together that only when separated did they lose and their fate was entwined.

The Redditor then goes on to point out that the names of Dany’s dragons may very well be a nod to their fates. Viseryion, named after Dany’s brother, was the dragon that fell to the Night King, and it’s subsequently likely that Drogon will kill the ice dragon just as Drogo killed Viserys:

The dragons I think are similar. Named after her 3 male relationships: Viserys, her brother (Vyserion) , Drogo, her lover (Drogon), and Rhaegar (Rhaegal), her other brother. Which dragon was killed? The brother who died. Drogon is her strongest and fiercest dragon. I don’t believe he will die because he promised to conquer the lands for her, and he will. He will also be the one to kill Vyserion the ice dragon, as the man did to the brother.

The Redditor also predicts that Jon Snow will ride Rhaegon, as Rhaegar Targaryen was apparently his father:

Rhaegal was named after Rhaegar , and we do not know much about Rhaegar or Rhaegal at this time. It’s known he was an artist and a fighter and a lover and took Lyanna Stark as his new wife … One could say that Jon will ride Rhaegal, as that was Jon’s father, and would represent Rhaegar’s love for both Stark and Targaryen.


It certainly seems wise to never take a name in the Game of Thrones universe at face value, considering that the symbolism throughout the story thus far has been rather heavy-handed. This theory also indicates that Dany’s remaining dragons will at least live through the end of the series – which, I think, is the only thing we as an audience are emotionally prepared to handle right now.

Only time will tell. Until then, there’s a destructive ice dragon on the loose, and who the hell knows what it’s capable of?