This App Will Tell You What is Outside Your Airplane Window

FlyOver App
Getty Images (left); Flyover Country (Right)

This app promises to help make the view infinitely more interesting-or at the very least educational.

Now, once you Instagram the view from your own airplane window, it is possible to honestly tell your followers what on earth you’re actually considering.

On an obvious day, the view from your own airplane window could be a fascinating one: you can view mountain ranges piercing the clouds, watching rivers rush along beneath you. Sometimes, you won’t see anything at all-but entire cities and landscapes are coming and going on your own path.

Thanks to Shane Loeffler, who wished to know very well what sites and features he was passing on a flight home to Minnesota 1 day, there’s now an app to inform you just what you’re seeing out that little oval cutout.

According to’s Emily Matchar, Loeffler-at enough time of his good notion, a geology student at the University of Minnesota at Duluth-got a grant to transform the idea into an app named Flyover Country (available these days to download from Google Play and the App Store).

Fliers simply utilize the tool to plot their course (like Loeffler flying from the united kingdom to Minnesota, for instance) as well as your phone’s GPS provides your present location and altitude, helping the app to pinpoint wherever on the planet you’re: and what features you’re seeing from 35,000-feet.

Best of most? The app uses cached articles, maps, and data to pinpoint information regarding your specific route. Put simply, you don’t have to purchase expensive in-flight wifi to utilize Flyover Country. Travelers may also utilize the app on road trips, hikes, or epic polar expeditions.

One of Loeffler’s co-developers, Amy Myrbo, hopes to include meteorological and astronomy facts to create evening flights and cloudy days a lot more insightful.

Truthfully, the app in its present state isn’t probably the most intuitive or attractive program. But with several tweaks, it may be a good, entertaining, and (primarily) educational solution to spend time up in the air.

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