The Rock roasts Tom Brady’s acting skills: ‘Leave the acting to me’


By: Alysha Tsuji | January 11, 2017 8:28 pm

Tom Brady took to Facebook on Tuesday to share a video of himself doing an awful impression of The Rock in an attempt to promote his new pajamas. Brady sat on a rock wall and screamed at the camera. It was interesting.

On Wednesday, The Rock released a video of his own. The Rock just goes at Brady – he questions why he’s sitting like that and asks if a Jets fan produced the video because it was that bad. Things also get borderline NSFW around the 2:15 mark when The Rock talks about how he usually sleeps.

At the end, The Rock tells Brady that he liked his enthusiasm, gets serious and praises the quarterback’s brand, and wishes him good luck in the playoffs. And at the very end, he plugs his own movie, the remake of Baywatch because why make a video that a million people are going to watch without shouting out something to promote your brand.

Well done all around. The brands are strong.

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