The Internet of Things or IoT


    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a huge step forward in the technology world. If you are not an Internet geek and think this doesn’t relate you anyway, just stop and read the next sentence very attentively. The Internet of Things is going to change the technology world as it did the Internet of People. This new way of Internet technology is not just about connecting people. It is about connecting things. The principle is quite simple: a thing plus the ability to sense, communicate, and control combines with other things to interact and collaborate. Sounds a little bit strange. But the benefits of IoT are countless – operations optimization, costs reducing, productivity boosting, and much more.

    The Internet of Things or IoT2

    As IoT is only at the stage of development, not so many companies can praise their achievements already. One of them is which gives you a practical understanding of IoT technologies. Unet is an IoT platform, designed particularly for an average Internet user. This means you don’t need to be a respected developer or QA engineer to use the platform. It is a place where developers work on applications to help simple users with their household tasks. It is a fast developing project, which promises to take a serious niche in the world of IT.

    Is IoT really something you need, particularly? Let’s get to it.

    A Short Guide to IoT

    The IoT system looks and acts like a nervous system. It connects anything with everything in the world. Sensors, implemented in the technologies around us is the way IoT collects real-time information. But how does this information can be transferred to a certain device? The answer is a unique ID. The unique ID makes it possible for the devices to recognize and communicate with each other. All devices get a common language to communicate with other applications. Let us explain you with a smartphone. Your smartphone has multiple senses, which constantly collect information: your location, moves, lighting, etc. Another great example is a fitness bracelet, which counts your daily steps and tracks your activity. Or the scale which sends your weight data directly to the fitness application. These are only the smallest examples of IoT we use every day. But there are a lot of bigger innovations used in the industries.

    The Internet of Things or IoT

    IoT for industrial purposes even has its own name – IIoT. It is aimed to transform the companies and corporations, creating a new level of economic growth. The best examples of IIoT are smart buildings, train optimization, vehicle’s connection, water meter sensors, smart parking, smart lighting, smart roads, sensors on truck fleets, etc.

    The world of IoT is a perspective technology, which is aimed to help to use the cities and the environment smartly.