Terrifying First Trailer For THE NEW MUTANTS Reveals A Full On Marvel Horror Movie


As promised, Fox has kicked off Friday the 13th with the frightening first teaser trailer for The New Mutants and it’s now become clear that this is going to be unlike any X-Men movie we’ve seen before.

We’d heard that house (well, asylum) tale featuring this unique band of mutants. There are no powers on display here and the kids all look pretty normal but it’s still early days for the movie and this first look is really just emphasising the horror aspects of the story. The New Mutants would be a horror movie but this first teaser trailer for the X-Men spinoff makes it clear we’re getting a full on haunted

Unfortunately, there’s also no sign of The Demon Bear. With any luck, that too will make it into the movie as it will be a shame for the fan-favourite villain to become little more than just a spectre!

Regardless, director Josh Boone has clearly delivered something very unique here and The New Mutants looks like the most original superhero movie in quite some time. Fans are bound to be disappointed by the lack of costumes and especially the absence of any flashy mutant powers here but there’s plenty of time for that to change. For now, we do at least know this movie will be pretty scary!

What do you guys think of The New Mutants teaser? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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– 20th Century Fox (@20thcenturyfox)October 13, 2017

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