Teen Olympian Slept In, Lost Coat, Said F*ck on TV, and Won U.S.’s First Gold of 2018


So, @NBCOlympics aired snowboarding on delay and still couldn’t delete the “holy f*ck” after Red Gerard won. #NBCdelayed #NBColympics #olympics pic.twitter.com/Z8sct2t8Qo

– bobby cherry 🥌 (@GoBobbo) February 11, 2018

Red Gerard, literal Olympian, great American, and newly anointed patron saint of teenagers, just won the US its first gold at the PyeongChang Winter Games and promptly said “holy f*ck” in front of the entire world.

He’s a 17-year-old snowboarder from Colorado who won gold in the men’s snowboard slopestyle event. This is the second time in a row that the US’s first gold of the Winter Olympics has come from snowboard slopestyle, but Gerard took his own path to that medal.

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they are NOT editing the audio coming out of red gerard’s slopestyle win 😂 #olympics pic.twitter.com/6w8NpLAe5K

– Wes (@weswillison) February 11, 2018

His roommate, Olympian snowboarder Kyle Mack, had to wake him up after Gerard slept past the time he’d intended to rise on a day he’s presumably been prepping for for his entire brief life. Relatedly, he’d fallen asleep to Netflix the night before. Once awake, he discovered that he couldn’t find his jacket and had to borrow his roommate’s.

To his credit, he made it to the event on time. Thought he was in last place going into his third run, his final performance earned him a place at the top of the podium for his creative approach to the course.

3rd & final – Mike Tirico apologizing for the kid’s language 🥇 pic.twitter.com/vSy8Z70kIi

– J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) February 11, 2018

But the excitement didn’t end there. As the euphoria of the win settled in, Gerard let out a glorious “holy f*ck” and the network wasn’t able to censor him in time — even though the event was on tape delay.

When the broadcast cut back to the studio, NBC host Mike Tirico soberly said: “Apologies for the language. You understand the enthusiasm involved here.”

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