Steve Kerr: Players Unselected in NBA Draft Should Be Able to Return to College

Ben Margot/Associated Press

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said Monday that players who aren’t selected in the NBA draft should be allowed to return to school.

According to, Kerr called for the NCAA to welcome players back even if they hire an agent during the predraft process:

“One of the things the NCAA needs to look at is, if a kid signs with an agent and he doesn’t get drafted, welcome him back. Why not? What’s the harm? We talk about amateurism and all this stuff, but if you’re truly trying to do what’s right for the kid, and the kid declares for the draft and doesn’t get drafted, you know what? Welcome him back. Do something good for the kids.”

Players are currently allowed to return to school if they pull out of the draft by a predetermined date and do not hire an agent.

Kerr expressed his belief that the NCAA and NBA can work together to do what’s best for draft-eligible players: “Don’t keep this ruse going. We all know what’s going on. Let’s do what’s best for the kid and give them some options and work together between the NBA and NCAA to find the right system. I think it’s entirely doable if people just open their eyes.”

On Monday, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported the NBA is preparing to get involved in an effort to change the one-and-done rule that most often requires one year of college basketball before turning pro.

The NBA reportedly wants to build relationships with elite high school players and potentially expand the G League to give them an alternative to college ball.

Kerr said Monday that doing more with the G League could go a long way toward enhancing the draft process: “I think it’s great. I think there’s lots of things that I think the league and the NCAA can collaborate on. … The fact that the [G] League is getting stronger and stronger, we should provide that as an option for high school kids who maybe don’t want to go to college.”

While players are given estimates of when they can expect to be selected in the draft before they fully commit, underclassmen who go undrafted are put in difficult positions.

Most are forced to sign a non-guaranteed contract to battle for an NBA roster spot during the preseason, sign with a G League team or go overseas to play professionally.

Opening the door to return to school after the NBA draft would fly in the face of the NCAA’s amateurism rules, but it would also take much of the risk out of the decision.