SEE IT: Jimmy John’s employees jump rope with bread dough


This is what happens when you dough as you please.

Employees of a Jimmy John’s restaurant in Florida were fired after they were caught on video jumping rope with bread dough.

The video, which went viral on Snapchat, appears to show the dough hitting the ground several times while employees play with it.

Franchise owners James and Rebecca Williams said in a statement that the dough was “immediately discarded,” but that didn’t necessarily satisfy some possible Jacksonville residents.

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“That’s disgusting, it’s pretty gross,” Latisha Ware told CBS in Miami. “At least don’t put it on social media. Like, what are you thinking? I can only imagine what the health inspector is going to do to them at this point.”


“They’re having a little fun, but maybe it’s just not the right time, so maybe it would worry me a little bit,” Brooke Crawford told WJXT.

State inspectors went to the Jacksonville restaurant on Tuesday and determined the dough was never used again, according to the station.

The owners said in the statement that “appropriate action has been taken to prevent an incident like this from happening again.”

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“We have been serving the community at this site for more than four years and will continue to provide only the highest quality and freshest product to our customers,” the owners said.


The employees, who were not identified, did lose their jobs, according to WJXT.

The sandwich restaurant chain was founded in 1983. There are more than 2,600 locations around the country.

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