Scout Schultz family’s lawyer says Georgia Tech police overreacted by killing student


ATLANTA — The lawyer for the family of a student killed by Georgia Tech police says the officer who fired the fatal shot overreacted.

Campus police killed 21-year-old Scout Schultz, who they say was advancing on officers with a knife. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Schultz refused to put down the knife and kept moving toward officers late Saturday outside a dormitory.

Attorney Chris Stewart told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution he thinks Schultz was having a mental breakdown and didn’t know what to do.

Schultz’s mother, Lynne Schultz, also spoke to the newspaper. She questioned why police didn’t use pepper spray or Tasers. She said Schultz attempted suicide two years ago.

CBS News asked state investigators whether responding officers carried Mace or a stun gun, but they had no further details.

Stewart and the student’s family plan to hold a news conference Monday morning.

Officers were responding to a call about a man carrying a gun and a knife, CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann reports. A video shows Schultz walking toward police, holding what they believed was a pocket knife.

“Come on, let’s drop it,” a female officer tells Schultz in the video.

“Drop it,” a male officer tells Schultz.

“Shoot me,” Schultz says.

“No, drop the knife,” the male officer says.

Schultz paused before stepping toward an officer, who gave a final warning. The officer then opened fire with a single, fatal shot.

Pictures of the scene show a small multi-purpose tool on the ground, Strassmann reports. The blade of the knife inside it was folded. Schultz had no gun.

Schultz was president of Pride Alliance at Georgia Tech and identified as nonbinary, meaning neither male nor female.

Authorities haven’t identified the officer who shot Schultz.