Samsung Cinema LED Screen Is a 4K TV That Measures an Insane 33.8 Feet –


If you own a regular-sized mansion, a 262-inch 4K TV is probably big enough. For those of you who, in the words of Chad Kroeger, have a bathroom you can play baseball in, you’re going to need Samsung’s new Cinema LED Screen.

It’s freakin’ huge. C Seed would have to stretch its behemoth by another 50% and a bit to equal Samsung’s gigantic display. The Cinema LED Screen measures 33.8 feet (nearly 406 inches) on its diagonal. It’s the first product, Samsung says, to be fully compliant with DCI’s rigid certification standards. That’s because of its ability to “showcase the complete color spectrum with unaltered accuracy.”

While it’s huge by home theater standards, it’s relatively small for a cinema screen. A projector in a movie theater might throw a picture that measures anywhere from 45 to 65 feet diagonally. Samsung’s LED Screen has a big advantage when it comes to brightness, however. It’s more than ten times brighter than a typical projector.

Samsung says the Screen also produces blacks and whites with a “nearly infinite contrast ratio.” They also think it’s better suited to showing events like concerts and sporting (e-sports included) events. The first Cinema LED Screen just debuted at the Lotte Cinema World Tower in Korea, which CEO Wonchun Cha says introduces viewers to “a new paradigm of movie screening.”

You’re probably not going to hang anything like this in your house anytime soon, but who knows? Maybe it’ll cause prices on cinema-quality projectors to drop precipitously, and you can install one of those in your place instead!