Rod Decker is retiring, and Utah TV news will never be the same


Television * KUTV-Channel 2 reporter has been delivering the news in his “unique” style in Salt Lake City since 1980.

After 37 years of reporting in a style all his own, Rod Decker is retiring from KUTV-Channel 2. Thursday is his last day.

He won’t be replaced. He can’t be replaced.

Oh, KUTV will have other reporters step in. But nobody will do it the way he has since 1980. Decker’s delivery is singular. Forceful. Sort of in-your-face.

Decker’s style is, yes, peculiar. But it’s worked since he joined KUTV in 1980.

“It’s just the way I talk,” Decker said.

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By brian maffly * Just now

By eric butler | special to the tribune * 9h ago