Retired Lakewood police chief Bret Farrar dies


Former Lakewood Police Department Chief Bret Farrar died Tuesday after a battle with cancer.

According to Farrar’s family, he passed away Tuesday in Arizona surrounded by friends and family.

“Bret played a large role in the creation of the Lakewood Police Department and served as the chief from 2008 until his retirement in April 2015,” Lakewood police said in a statement.

Farrar led the department in 2009 when a sergeant and three officers were killed in an ambush shooting.

“Bret’s commitment to the community went above and beyond his role as Police Chief. He cared about our community as demonstrated by his commitment to countless charities and service groups in Lakewood,” Lakewood City Manager John Caulfield said.

“As much as Bret meant to the Police Department and the City of Lakewood it pales in comparison to what he meant to his family,” said Lakewood Police Chief Mike Zaro. “They were extremely close and I can’t imagine the loss they are feeling.”

Farrar was first diagnosed with cancer in 2010.

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