Pelosi: ‘Unfortunate’ That Unverified Trump-Russia Dossier Was Published


Count Nancy Pelosi among those who think BuzzFeed should not have published the unsubstantiated dossier linking Donald Trump to Russia – and she’s no fan of the president-elect.

“I frankly think it was unfortunate that uncorroborated information was released when many media organizations had this information and were not releasing it because it was not corroborated,” Pelosi said Wednesday, quoted by the Washington Examiner.

“The press had this information for a long time and had not acted upon it, maybe because you didn’t have enough proof and holding this to a high standard which I think you should,” the House minority leader said.

Indeed, trusted traditional publishers have been in possession of the same dossier but not reported it because they could not verify details in it.

However Pelosi, who was among those briefed about Russia’s hacking prior to the election, said she has questions whether there are any ties between Russia and Trump.

“I have always wondered, what did the Russians have on Donald Trump that Donald Trump would question whether we should support our sanctions that we do have in Europe,” Pelosi said.

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