Parents Give Their Babysitter the Most Honest, Awesome Instructions for How to Watch Their Kids


Normally, it’s a frightening and uncomfortable passing of the torch. But for these awesome parents, they’re very…relaxed about the whole thing. It’s hard to tell if they’re trying to be funny or if they’re just as chill as the note would indicate. Take a look and judge for yourself. Then look at the hilarious social media reactions once this note went viral!

This dad’s daughter was the babysitter, and she was smart enough to take a pic of these awesome instructions for how to watch the kids. He posted it on Twitter, and it became VERY popular. You can read the note there, but basically, the parents are like “Don’t do anything.”

The breastfeeding thing is definitely a joke, though.

I wish all parents were this relaxed and funny.

The truth is, the kids WILL be fine. They always are. So these parents aren’t going to freak and micromanage.

People were crying “FAKE,” but the note’s real and so are the parents.

In case you need proof…

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