Nintendo Switch Is Available to Pre-Order This Friday


Nintendo is set to reveal the full details regarding its upcoming console, the Switch, at an event in Tokyo, Japan tomorrow, but the first pieces of official news are already starting to roll in. The company’s New York store has tweeted that it will have a “limited quantity” of pre-orders for the new console, which will be available to purchase in store this Friday, January 13 at 9am ET.

It’s unclear what Nintendo means by “supplies,” considering these are only pre-orders not actual sales. If we were to make a guess, it probably means the company intends to roll out the console in much the same way as it did the NES Classic Edition – which, for us punters, means a whole lot of queueing, page refreshing and finger crossing.

If you’re looking to be one of the first to get your hands on the Switch, you might want to start lining up, like, right now. In any event, it’s likely that the supply will not last long for preorders on Friday.

We’re still waiting for official confirmation of pre-order availability online and in other regions – stay tuned for more information.

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