New lingerie line helps solve this problem for breast cancer patients


    For females who are battling breasts cancers and undergoing radiation, the treatments can leave behind painful epidermis and burns so sensitive that a good cotton T-shirt, never mind an average bra, would be excruciating to wear.

    It’s a side-effect of the remedy that many tumor patients have a problem with, but there’s never been a great solution, said Dr. Katie Deming, a radiation oncologist in Portland, Oregon.

    The MAKEMERRY by AnaOno Intimates collection.

    “Over time, I’ve needed patients slash out part with their bras, or flip them inside out, or put bits of cotton in their bras,tODAY ” she told. She would notify women to wear their camisoles inside-out, therefore the elastic shelf bra was externally and wouldn’t rub against their sensitive skin.

    “Finally, I acquired frustrated,” Deming said, and she began to design her own bra and camisole for patients.

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    But launching an apparel line proved to be a difficult task — getting a patent approved, and figuring out production and marketing, worlds Deming didn’t have the experience to navigate. Enter Dana Donofree, the founder of AnaOno Intimates, a lingerie line for breast cancer survivors, and a survivor herself who shared her story last year with TODAY.

    Dana Donofree, founder of AnaOno Intimates, and Dr. Katie Deming, a radiation oncologist.

    Among Deming’s patients, who knew Donofree through the attire industry, linked both women and suggested they collaborate.

    “It had been all very grassroots,tODAY ” Donofree told. “And it finished up being truly a perfect match.”

    Together, they’re starting the MAKEMERRY collection by AnaOno by the end of April, a assortment of two items, a bra ($58) and a camisole ($64), created for women with extremely sensitive pores and skin. Both items are wire-free and also have concealed seams and removable straps, and they are made by using a very gentle, modal-spandex blend.

    “From the soft natural dietary fiber, a material it doesn’t proceed through all the digesting that various other cottons do, so they’re not placing any chemicals against your skin,” Deming said.

    The camisole, which is patented, gets the shelf bra externally and the smooth layer against your skin, so women still get active support with no discomfort.

    Donofree, whose current lingerie is targeted at women who’ve had mastectomies, said the new collection is an all natural extension on her behalf brand.

    “ONCE I launched AnaOno, my concentrate was on women who experienced experienced reconstructive surgery, because I had been coping with that body,” she said. “I didn’t go through radiation. I could bypass that step.”

    But as her brand grew, she started reading from women who sought more options, and commenced looking into portions for patients undergoing radiation.

    The patented camisole, which has the support layer on the outside.

    “I was needs to know how horribly uncomfortable this area of the remedy was,” Donofree said. “And here she was, Dr. Katie popped into my entire life.”

    The timing was perfect and the ladies discussed the collection for per year, sending emails backwards and forwards. Donofree got Dr. Deming’s designs and made them even more beautiful, adding the thoughtful details and last details that AnaOno prides itself on.

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    “We’ve the same eyesight – that medical clothing should be beautiful,” Deming said. “These women deserve to have something beautiful to wear. We wish to ensure the merchandise aren’t only functional, but make sure they are feel excellent.”

    “We’re really thrilled,” Donofree added. “And we’re already discovering new ideas and extra pieces.”

    Of April the new pieces will be available online and get started shipping in the last week.