Netflix Picks Perfectly Timed for Your Trip


A long flight can be a comfortable experience with the right entertainment. Luckily, for avid travelers, Netflix has the perfect summer solution to make your time spent on a plane fly by-carefully timed shows and movies that correspond to your trip, whether you’re traveling by plane, the bus, Amtrak, or the subway. Because as much as we love a Netflix and chill night at home with friends and family, sometimes we desperately want to watch Bridget Jones’s Diary or Love Actually mid-air or on a road trip.

But being at the mercy of in-flight WiFi is no fun, especially when it can be costly, not available at all, or has spotty connections. Not to worry, though! With Netflix’s newest offline playback and easy download option, long-haul trips are made much more enjoyable, with or without Internet. That’s right! No streaming necessary to watch your favorites while flying the friendly skies.

Big vacation plans for the Fourth of July or Labor Day? We’ve taken an inventory-with the help of Netflix, of course-of the best shows to download to your device, preferably before going through airport security. They’re appropriately timed so you know what you can finish by the end of your flight or before you reach your final destination. Never seen the classic E.T.? You can download that and many others before your 90-minute flight.

Armed with these classic films and must-see TV, you’ll be able to handle any layovers or flight delays with grace. Keep in mind the show recommendations are based on one episode per 30 to 45-minute download, not the entire series.

For short road trips less than 30 minutes:

For longer road trips, averaging 30 minutes:

For a 45-minute flight:

For a 60-minute or one hour trip:

For a 90-minute flight:

For 120-minute and over trips:

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Ready to take Netflix along for the ride? The download feature for offline viewing is available for all iOS and Android users on your phone, tablet, or PC.