Memorial Service For Bulma’s Voice Actress Hiromi Tsuru


Last fall, Dragon Ball voice actress Hiromi Tsuru suddenly passed away. Recently, a memorial service was held in Tokyo.

Yesterday evening, Hiromi Tsuru was discovered unconscious in a car on along the Shuto Expressway…

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While the funeral was private, this was an owakare-kai (お別れ会) or “farewell gathering” that was open to the public. It was a way for colleagues and fans to grieve and celebrate her life.

Sports Hochi reports that during the service, Goku’s voice actress Masako Nozawa said in a moving speech, “If you gather the seven Dragon Balls, any wish you want will be granted. But this time, they’re useless… I’m sorry.”

The alter in the memorial service was decorated with seven Dragon Balls as well as images of Bulma and Anpanman ‘s Dokin-chan, beloved characters she made famous.

Over four hundred people attended the service to say their final goodbyes and thanks. Below are photos from the owakare-kai: