Meet Beyonce’s ‘twin sister’! The resemblance between these two ladies will leave you speechless (photos)

– It has emerged that Beyonce has a sister who looks exactly like her, right from their brows to their sense of fashion – People are now wondering who between the two ladies is the real Beyonce because one looks exactly like the other, except their names. They are like identical twins – The one who recently set the social media on fire goes by the name Honey B Williams. Could it be true that they are related? See for yourself striking resemblance in these photos

Yes, it’s true that there are people in this world that look really alike and who are not identical twins.

Beyonce Knowles’ look alike has emerged and she is causing a lot of ‘trouble’ on social media. Her resemblance to the American superstar is mind-boggling.

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The lady, going by the name Honey B Williams, is fast gaining popularity because of her striking resemblance to Beyonce.

She currently has some 10,000 Facebook followers and 20,000 on her Instagram, all of whom seem mesmerized by her dazzling likeness to America’s Beyonce.

Just like Beyonce, Honey B has thick brows to blond hair and also bears Bey’s street style, wears short, skinny jeans and hats.

Some says she has a ‘mix’ of Ciara and Beyonce’s look. Others think she is prettier than Queen Bey.

Watch video of another Beyonce’s look alike:

What is your take, does she look like Queen Bey? - Nigeria news.