Mark Zuckerberg Appeared Before Congress And The Internet Is Mocking Them Both Mercilessly


Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has appeared before Congress to be grilled over the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

During two appearances, lasting around 10 hours overall, he faced questions on everything from Russian bots to data collection by the firm. During these appearances, he also had to look vaguely human, something that Twitter seems to think he might have failed on.

Unfortunately for Mark, he had to do all this while being watched by millions of people on the Internet, which isn’t the easiest of tasks, and on the whole the Internet has been less than kind to him.

One of the most retweeted memes is this astonishing video of Mark attempting to drink water like he thinks a human would.

“Yes. This is how the humans nourish their thirst. I have seen it on their social interaction platform I created known as The Facebook.”

And this picture of him looking less than happy to be in Congress answering questions.

A lot of people said that he looks and acts an awful lot like Data from Star Trek.

Which led to this phenomenal image.

On the whole, however, Zuckerberg wasn’t the target of most people’s jokes. Most jokes were reserved for the senators questioning him, who weren’t quite up to speed with modern technology, and appeared on several occasions to be unaware of what a cookie is. They also didn’t seem to grasp quite what Facebook is.

And, of course, the incident where Ted Cruz liked a porn video on Twitter also got referenced.

As well as that, people made a lot of jokes about Mark suffering from the same lack of privacy that his users are currently complaining about.

As well as many, many responses that fall into the “just plain funny” category.

All in all, Mark and the people questioning him all failed to impress the Internet.