LOL: Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ answers to questions about Hillary’s book are priceless!


As everybody’s very aware, Hillary Clinton’s book “What Happened” has been released, and the former senator & secretary of state as well as two-time presidential candidate has made sure there’s plenty of blame for her loss to go around ( excluding anybody named “Hillary Clinton”). Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked if the president planned to read the book, and her answer is hilarious:

.@PressSec on whether @POTUS will read @HillaryClinton’s book: “I would think that he’s pretty well-versed on what happened.”

– Fox News (@FoxNews) September 12, 2017

Ouch! Huckabee Sanders continued accusing Clinton of pushing a false narrative after being asked about it again today, and said Hillary’s been her own worst enemy:

.@SHSanders45: “That type of misunderstanding of who @POTUS is… is exactly one the reasons that @HillaryClinton is NOT the president.”

– Fox News (@FoxNews) September 13, 2017

Hillary might not like those answers at all, but we do!

LOL. He knows better than anyone. She Lost!

– Deplorable Gunny (@V22_USMC) September 12, 2017

Fantastic answer. 😂😂😂😂

– John (@jmert_58) September 12, 2017