It’s Not Easy Being A Man Of The People


Some people think it’s easy being a man of the people, but I can promise you it’s not.

I try to go about my regular schedule, get my work done, watch some sports, drink a few beers, do my best to socialize with women and keep living life.

Turns out that’s not how today went, and I learned being a man of the people can be tough. It all started with a debate over Barron Trump’s attire. Some say it’s too casual, and President Trump’s son should dress a little sharper.

As a man of the people, I sided with young Barron and his casual dress. I got roasted by my elitist coworkers for not thinking you should dress up when getting on a plane. I always prioritize comfort over appearance. Who the hell am I trying to impress on a plane? I’m there to get from point A to point B, have a few drinks, watch a movie and make sleep for a minute.

So, I need to dress casually. In case you don’t believe me, here is a photo of when I flew to Puerto Rico. Fun fact, literally minutes after boarding this plane ESPN laid off Britt McHenry. Wild times.

If you’re able to ignore my perfect hair, blue eyes and the presence of my friends, that’s right I have two female friends in this photo, you’d notice I’m wearing a Montana State jumpsuit. It’s around six in the morning and I still looked outstanding. Shout out to my parents for the incredible genetics.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is as casual as it gets. I’m not just talk. I back it all up.

I thought my choice to be a man of the people would be easy. I didn’t realize I’d be critiqued for my every move, including my attire on airplanes.

However, I won’t back down.

I will continue to carry this burden everywhere I go, and I will continue to be a man of the people. I will drink that beer, I will watch my sports, I will do my best to hit on women wildly out of my league and I’ll keep telling the haters to go to hell – because that’s what being a man of the people is all about.

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SOURCEThe Daily Caller