Effective Strategies to Improve Employee Retention


Employee retention is an essential component of a successful organization, especially with the skills gap being faced by companies of all sizes right now.

Skilled workers are in extremely high demand, and a company doesn’t want to lose top talent once they’re onboard. The longer an employee stays with an organization, the more their knowledge and skills grow, and the cost of turnover can be extremely high.

With all the advantages of improving retention, it’s no wonder employers are focused on this area. So how can you improve employee retention in your organization?

Give Employees the Tools They Need

Employees want to be productive, and they want to be engaged, but in order to do that they need the right tools. Often employers believe that the only way to keep employees around is to give them more money and sometimes that just isn’t an option. That’s not the only way, however.

As an example, employees say they hate expense reports just about more than anything.

Make it easier for them with modern technology including a mobile app that will do most of the work for them.

Anywhere you can find ways to introduce modern technology is going to offer not just improve employee satisfaction and productivity, but it’s also going to make the entire organization more streamlined. It’s a win-win.

Empower Employees

If you have good technology and tools in place, this tip becomes easier.

You want to empower your employees. Do this by cutting out micromanagement and bureaucracy. Focus on accountability but also the freedom to achieve objectives in the ways employees think are best.

If you’re trying to hold onto employees, then they’re likely talented and experienced. Let them have the freedom to feel empowered and to think like an entrepreneur.

Check-In With Employees

Your employees want to feel like they’re valuable and also valued. They want their voices heard, and they want to feel like they’re a part of the company they work for.

Make this happen by regularly holding opportunities to check in. Let them talk about where they’re happy and unhappy. Ask them about their personal career goals and objectives, so you can find ways to work with them to achieve those.

Show employees that you care about them and their development. It takes just a few minutes every once and a while, but it can make a huge impact on retention.

Provide Advancement and Development Opportunities

You’ll probably be surprised by how many employees are willing to stick around even without huge pay raises. What they do want to do so are advancement and development opportunities. Employees want to know there are places for them to go within their current company, and that their employer is dedicated to helping them get there.

You can help your employees learn new skills through inexpensive options like online learning, and that will allow them to feel appreciated and like their employer is really making an investment in them as an employee.

Finally, don’t forget the power of a simple thank you. Employers will spend so much time and money trying to improve retention while overlooking those two simple words.