Don’t think Cristiano Ronaldo is going to change club, says Michel Salgado


Cristiano Ronaldo’s former teammate Michel Salgado believes that the Portuguese striker will stay with the Santiago Bernabeu side. Ronaldo has lately been linked to his former club Manchester United after he expressed his desire to move to his former club.

Representing Spain at the Star Sixes tournament, Salgado said on Saturday that Ronaldo will probably retire at Los Blancos. “I don’t see Ronaldo with another shirt, at least in top football. Maybe he will retire in Real Madrid and or maybe he is then going to try another league like the US or something like that,” he said.

“But in top football, in Europe, I don’t think Ronaldo is going to change club. I think he is comfortable in Real Madrid. Right now he is our soul, he is the guy that we all look to when we are playing the big games, and to be honest I think he is going to stay.”

Salgado further said that he does not see the star striker wearing other colours. “Ronaldo is going to play for Real Madrid for sure. I don’t see him wearing other colours. Well it is going to be difficult, because although he finished the season in amazing form and he is getting a little bit older every year,” he added.

“But I know him, he is a professional, he is going to be ready to be the important guy that he is, in the important games. He is going to learn to do that. I think that is the thing that he learnt in the last year, he was ready to be Cristiano Ronaldo when we needed, in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals.

Ronaldo helped Real Madrid end last season brilliantly, winning the La Liga as well as the Champions League titles.

“So I think he is saving the energy through the season. He is doing really well under the manager and is physically very good. Maybe he cannot [increase his level] further but obviously he is going to be really important for Real Madrid,” he added.

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