Disneyland to Remove ‘Bride Auction’ Scene From Pirates of the Caribbean Ride in April


Disney announced plans to remove the infamous “bride auction” scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland last summer, and now we know when the change will take place.

Visitors coming to Disneyland will find the ride closed for the refurbishment beginning April 23, the Orange County Register is reporting.

For decades, patrons aboard one of the ride’s small boats would travel through several pirate themed scenes before eventually arriving at the “bride auction” taking place as the plundering invaders ransack a helpless village.

In the scene, several women are bound by ropes and lined up by the pirates to be bid on while standing beneath a banner that reads “Auction: Take a Wench for a Bride”.

In the current scene, the redhead character is the prize of the auction.

However, the roles of the auctioneer, the redhead woman and other characters participating in the scene will be changing in the April makeover.

According to an artist’s rendering of the refurbished scene released in 2017, the redhead will soon be holding a rifle and wearing a pirate hat.

It was unclear how long the ride would be closed for the refurbishment.