Cops Found ’18 Additional Firearms,’ Ammo, Explosive Material at Las Vegas Shooter’s House


Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo held a press conference on Monday night, where he announced that investigators made some interesting discoveries at the house belonging to the perpetrator of last night’s shooting.

After giving a horrific update about the latest body count, the sheriff said that a raid on the suspect’s house uncovered at least 18 firearms, several thousands rounds of ammunition, and explosives. Lombardo also announced that some electronic devices were taken from the scene for analysis, and that they also found ammonium nitrate, an explosive chemical compound, inside the shooter’s car.

Lombardo talked about investigators are still occupying the music festival fairgrounds, though he would soon allow attendees to return and inquire about any personal items left behind. Lombardo also fielded questions during the presser, during which he confirmed that the shooter used multiple rifles during his assault.

Watch above, via CNN.

[Image via screengrab]

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