Collaboration in a Competitive World: Driving Innovation, Efficiency and Productivity


    Rob Cross

    Professor of Management at the University of Virginia and Research Director of The Network Roundtable

    Professor Rob Cross

    Rob Cross is a professor of management at the University of Virginia and Research Director of The Network Roundtable, a consortium of 75 organisations sponsoring research on network applications to critical management issues. His research focuses on how relationships and informal networks in organisations can be analysed and improved to promote competitive advantage, innovation, customer retention and profitability, leadership effectiveness, talent management and quality of work life.

    Rob has worked directly with more than 200 strategically important networks across over 120 well-known organisations in consulting, pharmaceuticals, software, electronics and computer manufacturers, consumer products, financial services, petroleum, heavy equipment manufacturing, chemicals, and government.

Okura Amsterdam, Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, 1072 LH Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, Amsterdam, 1072 LH, Netherlands

27 February 2017

2017 International Conference Brochure: Collaboration in a Competitive World – Driving Innovation, Efficiency and Productivity

CRF’s 9th International Conference is taking place between 2 and 4 October 2017. The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Collaboration in a Competitive World – Driving Innovation, Efficiency and Productivity’. The conference will explore various aspects of collaboration, including teaming and teamwork, cross-sector collaboration, improving performance through social network analysis, leading in the connected world and the downsides of collaboration. Join us for this unique event to bring improvements to your organisational performance.

3 November 2016

2017 Programme

Find out more about CRF’s events and research in 2017 from our annual programme. If you are an existing member, download or view the programme to optimise your organisations use of the membership.

18 October 2016

An Uncertain World – Conference Retrospective

During the three days at CRF’s 8th International Conference in Prague, our experts have guided us to look a decade ahead and broaden our understanding of the key political, economic, social and technological influences that will impact on our organisations, our people – and ourselves. The conference retrospective summarises the key messages from our speakers – Paul J. H. Schoemaker, Professor Arturo Bris, Ed Carr, Dr Carsten Sørensen and Professor Ian Goldin.

9 October 2015

Post-conference retrospective – Vienna: Meaning of work

The purpose of this post-conference note is to summarise learning from the conference and to consider how to move from the theoretical to the practical.

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