China says no to International socialising – Vanguard News


By Vera Samuel Anyagafu (reporting from Beijing)

The All China Journalist Association Executive Secretary, Mrs. Wang Dongmei has restated Chinese government’s strict law against some international socialising outfits seeking permision to operate in the country.

She told the delegation of Nigerian journalists on tour in China that the Chinese government is not ready to take back its word on allowing some social media outfits operate in the country, saying that the government should have been comfortable with the China International Security Office, which duty it is to disseminate information across various institutions in the country and allowing any intrusion may cause unwarranted unrest in the society.

According to her, “It is a fact that the government of the People’s Republic of China will not entertain any form and or practice capable of causing ripples in the society and as such there are limited accesses to uses of social media, such as Face Book, and it’s like, in China.”

Wang posited that any International Socialising company bidding to get approval from the Chinese government must be ready to abide and follow the Chinese law as it regards the use of social media. “If any socialising institution wants to get a permit, it should first follow the law and if it refuses, then Chinese government will not let it in”, Wang added.

The meeting also was intimated of the progression in the People’s Republic of China’s media practices, which has taken a variety of measures to improve its services and management in order to regulate processes of press work, so as to foster better environment and conditions for the development of the media outfits and journalists in the country.

Wang also told the meeting that China has over 41 media organisations and about 230 certified journalists in the country. This she disclosed, saying that getting a journalism certificate in China is very difficult.

“We have a free press and observe a favorable working condition with the government and in accordance to news regulations here, the media have no direct contact with the government. The government only assists us to do our work better and there are committees instituted to protect journalists’ legal rights”, Wang submitted.

SOURCEVanguard News