Chaffetz Out: Says He’s Not Seeking Re-Election


He’ll be a lobbyist in three seconds. Jason Chaffetz announced on his Facebook page:

I suspect that it was a disappointment when he couldn’t start pre-impeachment hearings with fake charges against Hillary Clinton on Inauguration Day, and then had to pretend there was no call for hearings with real charges against Donald Trump by Valentine’s Day.

Damn you, fact-based evidence, which didn’t matter in the end when your party’s nominee turned out to be a pu*ssy grabbing Tic-Tac chomper. Party before country, you betcha!

I will not defend or endorse @realDonaldTrump, but I am voting for him. HRC is that bad. HRC is bad for the USA.

– Jason Chaffetz (@jasoninthehouse) October 27, 2016

I guess he gets to keep his GMAIL ACCOUNT?

One Facebook responder put it frankly:

Before you go can you please just answer one question? During [the 2016] campaign you said that you couldn’t look into your daughter’s eyes if you supported Trump. But then you pimped for him anyway. I’m just wondering what part of your daughter’s body you looked into to make you do that?

Buh Bye, Jason. Don’t let the door hit you.

UPDATE: Knowledgeable folks have emailed me that he might be aiming to run for Utah Governor in 2020. UGH.

SOURCECrooks and Liars