At Least 14 People Have Been Injured In Florida School Shooting


The school is located in a community of about 30,000 residents about 40 miles north of Miami.

Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofsky told CNN she had not received any first-hand information on the number of injuries.

“The police are very busy in the school securing everything and letting students out as their area is secure,” she said. “That’s where their focus has been and should be.”

The school has a single point of entry security and there is always a police officer at the school, the mayor said.

Broward County Public Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie told reporters the school had received no threats warning of the shooting.

“We didn’t have any warnings, there weren’t any phone calls or threats that were made,” Runcie said.

He said the school, along with authorities, would be conducting an investigation in case that there were any warning signs that had been missed regarding the shooting.

“We got to recognize individuals that are in distress,” he said.

Lissette Rozenblet told CNN her daughter, a sophomore at the school who was on the third floor of one school’s buildings, texted her to call 911. The girl told her mother she heard shots and could hear someone injured calling out for help.

Rozenblet’s daughter later called her mother to say she had safely evacuated to a nearby Walmart.

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