Another Scott Walker Political Stunt Backfires


On Tuesday, Trump came to Wisconsin to showboat signing the “Buy American, Hire American” executive order. Of course, it’s a bit ironic since Trump himself doesn’t believe in it.

Scott Walker thought he’d be cute and pull a political stunt, simultaneously kissing up to Trump and touting the Milwaukee Bucks, who were playing the Toronto Raptors Tuesday night in the NBA playoffs. So he got Trump a specially made cap:

Since the @Bucks are in the #NBAPlayoffs tonight, we made a special hat to give to the @POTUS. #MAGA

– Scott Walker (@ScottWalker) April 18, 2017

As one might have guessed, it did not go over as well as he might have hoped. Twitter went wild tearing him up for the stunt

@ScottWalker @Bucks @POTUS give one of these to any Bucks player I dare you

– Torque Penderloin (@AndrewCieslak) April 18, 2017

@Ben_Searle @JJ_Mulea @WirthlessStuff @AndrewCieslak @ScottWalker @Bucks @POTUS Thon Maker is Sudanese. There was a question if he could get back from a game in Toronto earlier this year.

– Joe Signorelli (@minnesotajoe) April 18, 2017

@ScottWalker @Bucks @POTUS Are you trying to get us to root for the Canadian team? Cause will do it….

– cx (@cxcope) April 18, 2017

@ScottWalker @Bucks @POTUS And just like Trump, the Bucks will be repeatedly outplayed by an international foe.

– Zach Herman (@The_Punctuation) April 18, 2017

This stunt also shows just how tone deaf and out of touch Walker is. One of the Bucks top players is Sudanese and the team was already worried if he would be allowed back into the country after Trump’s immigration ban, since Sudan is on the list of banned countries.

It is doubtful that the Bucks would have approved of this either, since they had come out months ago saying that the team would not be staying at any Trump hotels.

By the way, the Bucks lost Tuesday night, 106-100.

SOURCECrooks and Liars