Alexander McQueen Sent Models Down the Runway With ‘The Ring’ Hair


It wouldn’t be an Alexander McQueen collection without an element of dark, twisted beauty, and for the label’s Spring 2018 show, the hair was integral to creating exactly that type of effect: The models wore their strands wet and slicked down against their faces and wrapped tightly against their necks with necklaces. The damp, plastered-to-the-head style was one we also saw mere hours ago on the Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood runway (albeit that version was much more problematic). But for the McQueen runway, it took on an entirely different vibe: namely, it was reminiscent of the 2002 cult horror film, “The Ring.”

Yes, the style is pretty and interesting in exactly the way that we’ve come to expect from a McQueen beauty look. But if you’re telling me you didn’t look at the above black-and-white photo of the look and immediately think “oh, that’s totally the little girl from ‘The Ring’,” you clearly have a little work to do as far as your early-aughts pop cultural awareness goes. I’ll refresh your memory:

Guido, the hairstylist behind the look, may not have actually cited the film as a reference – in a backstage interview, he described the inspiration as simply “a girl coming out of the sea or a pond” – but he did note that the strangeness and darkness is integral to the style. When pressed, he went on to say that he was hoping to conjure images of the models having “just come out of the lake [from] swimming or just some strange underworld.” Sounds a lot like “The Ring” to me. Guido’s version is just a bit more fashionable, prettier and, well, less afterlife-like.

He also shed light on how, exactly, he created the wet look: It was a combination of Redken’s Hardwear Gel 16, Control Addict 28 Hairspray and Shine Flash 02 that created that dramatically slick, super-glossy finish.

It is officially October – perhaps Guido and his team were just getting into the spooky spirit of the season (and hoping to carry it through to next spring)?

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