After suffering greatly from domestic violence, Nigerian woman celebrates 1 year of liberation (photos)


– Her husband and his thugs had the bones in her leg crushed

Ivie Edobor, a Nigerian lady has come out openly to celebrate being alive and able to walk after suffering greatly from domestic violence.

Edobor had the bones in her legs crushed after her husband and his thugs attacked her in Lagos. The beautiful woman’s life flashed before her eyes as she went through a lot after the incident. Sadly, her right leg can never be the same again as surgeons had to put iron bars inside it to make her walk.

The mother of three took to her Facebook page to celebrate one year of being alive after the gruesome attack. Although she is presently on crutches, Edobor feels she has enough reasons to be thankful.

She also revealed that her husband has jumped bail many times as he is busy traveling to America with his mistress. Being alive is indeed worth celebrating.

Interestingly, Edobor volunteered to give out her crutches to a man in need and this made Sonia Sonee, a Facebook user, give her a massive shout out. The woman was probably impressed because she expected the former to be resentful and unwilling to help any man after her brutal experience with her husband.

Check out more pictures of the pretty woman below:

1. Walking against all odds

2. X-ray of the broken leg

3. Thankful for the gift of life

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