A 22-Year-Old Traveled Over 1,000 Miles To Meet An 81-Year-Old He Befriended Through \

Last year, Spencer began playing the app “Words With Friends.” Around July, he hit the game’s “random” game option, and connected with an 81-year-old woman in Florida named Rosalind, nicknamed Roz.

So, Butler made it happen. She connected with Roz, and flew down with Spencer to meet Roz in Florida. As you can see, they were super happy to meet in person.

Spencer said he hadn’t told a lot of people he was going to Florida because it was a long story. So, he decided to share it on Twitter with all of his followers. People fell in love with the story, and it went insanely viral.

so last summer i randomly met this 80 y/o woman on words with friends. we played 300+ games together and she actual… https://t.co/iLwCg2JEn4

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